Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fast Times of Johnny Harden/Gene Carrier (end of series)

Johnny was not only a gay porn star, but he was also a cross-over performer in straight porn.  While unconfirmed, it's also consistently been reported that in his personal life Johnny was/is most likely straight.  His heterosexual work included some vintage loops (reels) before VHS tapes came along.  These vintage movies were from the days when porn was still taboo, and models seeking a thrill flocked to the Valley to be in flicks.  Among the names he used in straight movies have been: Gene Carrier (Girls of Penthouse 1984), Johnny Hardin (Female Athletes 1980), and Johnny Hard (One Way at a Time 1979).

Johnny supposedly transitioned into high-fashion modeling and moved to New York City, and later relocated to Europe where he also worked as a fashion model. VGMH won't include the mainstream fashion photos that are reportedly Johnny, since it hasn't been confirmed that the model is actually him (but it sure looks like the same man!).    He may have used another name for this career.

In retrospect, perhaps the uncertainties surrounding the real life of this man help make him even more interesting.  Either as Gene Carrier or Johnny Harden, this vintage smut star remains a classic gem. 

Below: Johnny (perhaps looking and performing at his very best).  Thanks for the memories, Gene!


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