Sunday, April 17, 2011

Matt Sizemore

In the early 2000's there was another big-dicked man performing in gay smut using the last name of Sizemore...Matt Sizemore.  It's reported that Matt was born in 1965 and made his debut in about 2000. In terms of age, Matt was old enough to have fathered the younger Jason Sizemore, but the two men are not related.  About the only things these two men seem to have in common are; 1) They both use the same last name; 2) Both have large weenies;  and 3) Both prefer to top.  Matt had trained as an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  In addition to working as an escort, he also appeared as Johnny Sizemore and Craig Norman. Matt stands 6 feet tall, weighs 175 pounds with a 9” cock.  Matt created news and controversy with his bareback performances, saying it was his choice to make.

t's reported that he had made about 30 videos before performing condomless in Cum Canyon for Hot Desert Knights Productions.  


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