Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florida Sunshine and Darryl Powers

If you are reading this text, that means you've been able to take your eyes away from looking at Darryl's rather amazing swim trunks, in this photo from the 1960's.  It's reported that Darryl Powers was already a married young man when he was originally approached to pose in Florida, as he was living not very far from the Sunshine Beach Club. The name of the club was from the nudist colony that body builder/photographer Dick Falcon had started. Champion Studios invested in the club & photographed many models there, including hunky Darryl Powers, Chip, Mark Sterling & Hawkeye.  Sexy Darryl was 6' tall and 170 pounds with blue eyes. 


  1. Very nice. I wonder if they got any shots of Darryl after he'd been coaxed to step out of his amazing swim trunks.

    "C'mon, Darryl, ya wanna join the club, don'tcha? Well, it is called the Sunshine Beach Club cause ya gotta let everything be exposed to the sunshine..."


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